Look fatty, you need to lose some weight bro
Stop putting shit into your face man
You need to burn more calories than you consume, it's simple!
Engage that brain of yours
Replace the bad stuff with good stuff, tasty stuff
Your body will thank you and you'll last longer
You'll feel better
Start with one day
Move on to a week
Decide what you're having, stick to the plan and don't deviate
Say NO!
Say mother fucking hell no! I do not want that! I do not want to put that in me!
Then go eat a carrot or something
Stop and ask yourself...do I need to eat this? Do I need that beer? The answer is no.
It's just being mindful
Use the meditation mindset and extend it
The weight will slowly drop off
Oh, and exercise!
Find time to exercise.
30 minutes a day. You're awake at least 16 hours, you can find 1/32 of that time. You waste some of it anyway.
Stop wasting yourself and your time.
Do it for you, do it for those you love.
You got this.